Kansas City Home and Auto Insurance

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Why Choose Us?

Think about this for a second, where are the loyalties of a salesman that works directly for the insurance company? That salespersons job is to sell you insurance from that company whether it’s right for you or not. That poses a bit of a moral dilemma for the agent who is supposed to be looking out for you or your business.

We sit on the same side of the table as you, not the insurance company. We are the anti-insurance company. I know…..that statement isn’t going to score us any points with the insurance companies. But our job is to make them fight for your business. We serve as your personal insurance advisor and the best part is, you don’t pay any more money to access our service.

Some insurance companies, you know the ones that spend millions to run TV and radio commercials every 5 minutes, are depending on your blind loyalty because your family has been with them for 30 years. What they have really done is morphed into marketing companies. They are showing decreased market share and poor claims experience. Why is this happening? With the use of the internet and information readily available the consumer has become educated, and the fat cats are being exposed.

Going Beyond Your Traditional Insurance Brokerage in KC

Communication and information are what the consumer is craving most. Technology is great, and a quote in 30 seconds is convenient, but having to speak to a call center is proving to be ineffective and frustrating for consumers. Technology can be a great tool, but not all insurance companies use it in a way that enriches the client experience.

A1 Insurance leverages the very best technology and know how to apply it to provide you with a “WOW” experience, and we back it up. How do we do this? Quite simply, we listen to our clients and measure results. By always listening and learning from what our clients are saying, we are able to consistently and reliably improve our client experience while developing meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

The Importance of Relationships

Our mission at A1 Insurance in Kansas City is to keep you as a client for life. We understand the insurance industry is a competitive one, and if we don’t exceed your expectations we will lose your business. We truly care about protecting you and your family because it’s our passion and the reason why we do what we do. There’s not an 800 number or call center that’s going to provide you with that type of relationship.

At A1 Insurance we make insurance easy. Whether it’s your home insurance and auto insurance, or business insurance, we have the experienced staff and tools to get the job done. We take it personally if you’re not satisfied.

Our Promise to You

If we fail to exceed your expectations and “WOW” you with our service we’ll gladly forward your insurance policy to a new agent. It’s that simple. We hold ourselves accountable and deliver on our promises.